Transfer Current Water Service

For Current Customers Transferring from One Service Address to Another Service Address in our Service Territory
*All Fields Required Unless Stated Otherwise*

Park Water Company requires at least 24 hours notice of new service, and water connections are made on normal business days. Park Water Company must be in receipt of all proper forms and deposits prior to water service being started. Any questions, please call 863-232-7777 or email

If you do not see the form below, please CLICK HERE to be taken to the form off of this page.


  • Transfer of Water Service Application

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  • Is Service Address is RENTED or LEASED, please complete the following section. 
    A COPY of your lease will be required prior to start of new service.

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  • By sending this agreement, the customer agrees to the following:

    1. The Company shall not be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the customer's pipes and facilities. The customer agrees not to utilize any appliance or device which is not properly constructed, controlled and protected or which may adversely affect the water service; the Company reserves the right to discontinue or withhold water service to such apparatus or device.
    2. The Company may refuse to discontinue water service rendered under application made by any member or agent of a household, organization, or business for any reason contained in Rule 25-30.320, Florida Administration Code. Any unauthorized connections to the customer's water service shall be subject to immediate discontinuance without notice, in accordance with Rule 25-30.320, Florida Administrative Code.
    3. The customer agrees to abide by all existing Company rules and regulations as constrained in the tariff.
    4. Bills for water service will be rendered monthly as stated in the rate schedule. Bills must be paid within 20 days of mailing bills. If payment is not made after 5 working days written notice, service may be discontinued.
    5. When a customer wishes to terminate service on any premises where water and/or wastewater service is supplied by the Company, the Company may require (oral, written) notice within 5 days prior to the date customer desires to terminate service.
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