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Welcome to the Park Water Service Area

Please read the following for some helpful information on your water service.

Service Charge & Deposit:
Park Water Company collects a $15 Service charge and a $60 Deposit on all accounts. The deposit is refundable to your account.
This payment must be received PRIOR to water service starting in your name, even if the water is currently on at the property.  Check or Money Order Payments Only, made out to Park Water Company.

Rental/Lease Properties:
If Renting or Leasing, a copy of your lease must be presented. It can be emailed to, by either you or your landlord.  If you are unable to provide a copy of your lease, you MUST have your landlord/rental agency email us with the following information:  Lease Start Date, Lease End Date, Names of Everyone on the Lease.

Copy of lease must be received prior to service being started at property.
(The main lease page(s) we need is the one showing the lease/rental dates, the name(s) on the lease and your landlord’s name. If that is all on the first page, just send one page)
A $15 Service Charge and $60 Deposit must be paid prior to service starting. Check or Money Order Payments Only.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Additional Information can be found on our web site:

Base Rates :
All customers are required to pay the base rate on their accounts, even if no water is used within the month. The base rate for water is $12.65, and the base rate for sewer is $21.75. A Polk County Tax (PST) of 10% is also computed on the base rate.

Payment Due Date:
All bills are due on the 21st of every month. If a bill is not paid by the due date, a $3.00 late charge will be added to the account. Delinquent accounts will be sent a second notice giving 5 days to pay on the account, or water service will be discontinued. Accounts turned off will receive a $15 disconnection charge which must be paid, along with the balance due, prior to water service being continued.

Payments can either be mailed or dropped in our payment drop box located along the fence of our building. No cash payments will be accepted. Check, money order or online credit card/echeck payments only.

Returned Checks:
Park Water Company charges $20 on any check that is returned to us by the bank. Immediate payment must be made on returned checks via money order, or water service will be discontinued.

Water Meters:
The water meters, at your residence, are propery of Park Water Company. Customers are not to have any contact with the water meter. Tampering with the water meter in any form will result in a minimum fine of $30. To ensure accurate meter reading, please keep meter area clear of vegetation and debris.

Sewer Customers:
Any questions regarding your sewer service can be obtained by calling the Crooked Lake Park Sewerage Company (863) 241-5678. 
Park Water Company DOES NOT handle sewer related issues.